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Player divisions are broken up by age group as follows:


·         U6

·         U8

·         U10

·         U12

·         U14
* Note: No players who play on a High School lacrosse team are permitted to play MCPL.

Should it be determined, based on registration that enough registrants exist to fill 2 or more teams in any age division, a player placement policy will dictate a balance of equal players to create equal teams. It is the intent of the player placement policy to maintain competitive balance by evenly distributing the abilities and experience of all players for a given age division. MCPL does not support the concept of "team loading" or placement of players for the sole purposes of establishing a “winning team”.



  1. It is the intent to have all children of Head and Assistant Coaches play on their parent’s team.
  2. A coach may have more than one of their children on a team.
  3. An age division will be split into two teams, subject to Board approval, when the registration within that division reaches 22 players or more. In the event enough players in an age division constitute a third team, a similar division will occur. The player placement will be conducted after a minimum of 2 days of practices. The player placement must be done with the approval of the Director of Coaching. The Director of Coaching will be required to defer to the President or Vice-President to oversee any placement for a division where he/she is a coach.
  4. In the event there are too few players within anyone age division, a player, or players may be asked to move up an age division in order to fulfill a team size. This will occur only with parental approval when it does not jeopardize a team size at the lower age division. Those players chosen to move up are based solely upon their birth date with the Director of Coaching's approval.
  5. In the event there are more than 22 players registered in an age division and if a child registers after the placement is complete, they will automatically go to the team with fewer players and from the point the teams have equal players, will alternate placements as registrants become available.
  6. Placement requests from parents will only be considered in cases of extreme hardship. For a placement request to be considered, the parent must submit the request via email to MCPIONEERSLACROSSE@OUTLOOK.COM stating the nature and reason. The Director of Coaching will then review the request with the Head Coach of that Age Division to determine final approval.
  7. The Head Coach is responsible for the actions of his/her Assistant Coaches. Attempts made by Assistant Coaches to recruit players, for the purposes of team building will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal of the Head Coach.
  8. When unforeseen scenarios exist that may be to the detriment of any team, or the MCPL league, this SOP may be superseded and/or amended by a majority vote of the board of directors.